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Welcome to Cobham SYNC

We are absolutely sure that Cobham SYNC will make it easier and less time consuming for you as a partner to interact with us at Cobham SATCOM. So log-in above or request access if you are not already a user.

  • Vision for Cobham SYNC

    Cobham SYNC provides easy access to interactive tools and relevant services that enable partners and customers to make their day-to-day operations more efficient.

    The primary objective of Cobham SYNC is to concentrate all digital partner interactions, whether in purchasing, technical support or marketing, on a single platform to enable easy and efficient information sharing and direct interaction with Cobham SATCOM’s operational functions. Key functionalities include state-of-the-art product information search, service management module, download centre, software updates, collateral ordering, shipping and customs guidelines.

  • Always accessible

    Cobham SYNC is easy to take with you on the move, as the platform adapts to the device you access it on. This means that you can also easily use Cobham SYNC on your smart phone or tablet allowing you to manage your daily business also in a more flexible manner.

  • A unified platform

    Cobham SYNC marks the first total integration of products from all verticals and brands whether SAILOR, Sea Tel, EXPLORER or AVIATOR, on one unified platform, to the benefit of those partners operating in multiple segments and verticals.