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  • Aspiration
    Cobham SATCOM


    In 2025 the world will exchange at least 20 times more data than in 2018. This data will be exchanged by people and businesses in all aspects of being. Data is becoming a basic necessity to people and businesses alongside food, water and electricity. We are the masters of the technology that brings this basic necessity to the most remote areas of the world. By releasing the awesome powers of radio and satellite communication, we share the opportunities of the modern world with those people and businesses that make a living far from modern civilization.

  • Find out how we got here
    Cobham SATCOM history

    Find out how we got here

    Cobham SATCOM is a market leading provider of radio and satellite communication equipment for both land and maritime sectors and have been developing and producing our products for more than 25 years and are a part of a history of more than 80 years of innovation. Our proud heritage and extensive knowledge about connectivity and the industries in which we work means, that we deliver best in class solutions for our customers.

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  • Corporate information
    Cobham PLC

    Corporate information

    Cobham SATCOM is part of the UK-based Cobham plc, whose products and services have been at the heart of sophisticated military and civil systems for more than 75 years. We develop, manufacture and sell equipment and systems for global mobile communication based on advanced satellite and radio technology and we have a world leading market position.

  • Volvo Ocean Race

    Volvo Ocean Race

    Cobham SATCOM equips the Volvo Ocean Race with satellite communication equipment, performing under the toughest conditions imaginable.

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  • Land Earth Stations

    Land Earth Stations

    Land earth stations provide the interface between the satellite system and the terrestrial networks for public switched telephone networks, cellular networks and data transmission networks. The land earth stations transmit data to and receive data from the satellites.

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