Satcom equipment in Volvo Ocean Race

Cobham SATCOM equips the Volvo Ocean Race with satellite communication equipment, performing under the toughest conditions imaginable.

  • Performing in the world’s toughest race
    Volvo Ocean Race

    Performing in the world’s toughest race

    Cobham SATCOM has partnered up with the Volvo Ocean Race for the last six races. We provide safety and communication equipment for the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world. Racing in the exactly same specially designed boats, the Volvo Ocean 65s, the teams compete to out-work, out-smart and out-perform each other in a round-the-clock pursuit of competitive edge. The race takes the boats through some of the most extreme and remote areas of the world. But modern satellite communication technology gives an all-access insight to what happens onboard and what it takes to win this relentless race.

  • Mission critical data

    Mission critical data

    When in pursuit of a competitive edge a round-the-clock, against the sport’s best sailors across the world’s toughest waters you need as much information as possible. Cobham SATCOM´s onboard equipment provides a continues stream of weather reports, telematics, positioning data, etc. through our SAILOR FleetBroadband and mini-C terminals. This data is crucial for both the crew to plan routes and try to out-maneuver the competition, and for the race HQ and fans who can follow the race step by step and always monitor their progress.

  • Follow the race in real time
    For the fans

    Follow the race in real time

    Being out at sea for the majority of the race can make it difficult for fans to follow their favorite team. But thanks to the FleetBroadband providing an ‘always-on’ connection, fans and spectators around the world can enjoy live-updates and high quality imagery and video directly from the boats. This allows for a unique experience of the incredible stories onboard the boats, the tactical maneuvers, and the leadership decisions that in the end determines the end-results. The satellite communication equipment also allows the crew members to be present on social media throughout the race, giving fans an even more personal experience of how it is to be part of the Volvo Ocean Race.

  • Ensuring safety through connectivity

    Ensuring safety through connectivity

    Racing through some of the worlds´ most inhospitable areas through storms and high seas takes highly skilled seamen and women. But even with the worlds’ best sailors, it’s always best to ensure, that if an emergency arises you are able to get help. With the connectivity provided by Cobham SATCOM product onboard, both satellite and radios, the crew can rely on always getting in contact with the outside world in case of emergencies. Should the crew be forced to leave the boats, they have grab bags with all necessary survival equipment, including an EXPLORER 510 BGAN terminal for quick and easy satellite communication. So even in the worst case scenario, the crew members will always be able to stay in contact with the race HQ and rescuers.

  • A long lasting collaboration
    The right network

    A long lasting collaboration

    While we supply the onboard equipment, we partner with Inmarsat, who’s fleet of satellites, in orbit some 36,000km out in space, delivers the air time services, that enables the continuous connectivity of the boats. Our long-standing partnership with Inmarsat ensures that we can deliver reliable voice and high-speed data communications to the boats under any conditions in a trusting and well proven collaboration.