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Trust is earned, not claimed

  • Spend more time driving growth

    Spend more time driving growth

    Cobham’s SAILOR product line is the world’s only satellite and radio device portfolio that covers all potential shipboard communications requirements from highspeed VSAT to L-band backup to GMDSS radio, safety and tracking devices, all within a common technology platform, born from the same high quality, reliable DNA. Isn’t it nice when things just plug in and work together?

  • Be future ready. Now.

    Be future ready. Now.

    The number of availabe options in offshore communications is increasing rapidly. New satellite constellations are coming online and new regulations are impacting requirements all the time. At Cobham SATCOM, decades of leadership in these areas means we know what it takes to ensure our partners and end users are always in the best possible position to make good decisions for their business. Whether considering a move to connectivity operating in LEO or MEO orbits, or adopting next generation GMDSS services, Cobham products are already capable of taking you in the direction that's best for your business.

  • Choose the world’s largest & most  experienced global service network

    Choose the world’s largest & most experienced global service network

    Cobham Technical Service Partners are the best in the busines, maintaining unmatched stan-dards for certifications, on-hand inventory, and consistent customer service. We began growing our partner network over 50 years ago. Today our onboard service centers cover over 70 global ports with hundreds of certified, knowledgeable, experienced technicians there when you need them

  • Choose an experience that goes  beyond installation

    Choose an experience that goes beyond installation

    Technology is only as good as the experience that surrounds it. The more effortless that experience can be, the more value the technology becomes. At Cobham SATCOM we prioritize making sure our end users have instant access to the best possible support they can get, wherever and whenever they need to get it. That's why we have developed a vast global network of trained service partners in 70 ports around the globe. We empower these partners through our digital platform, Cobham SYNC, by offering guaranteed overnight delivery of spare parts, eLearning for technicians, automated support ticketing, and many more features designed to ensure your vessel is in good hands at all times.

  • A Global Partner

    A Global Partner

    Cobham SATCOM is a market leading provider of radio and satellite communication equipment for both land and maritime sectors and have been developing and producing our products for more than 25 years and are a part of a history of more than 80 years of innovation. Our proud heritage and extensive knowledge about connectivity and the industries in which we work means, that we deliver best in class solutions for our customers. See how we can help you.

Freedom to focus on your business
  • We believe in close partnerships
    Freedom to focus on your business

    We believe in close partnerships

    With six main global locations around the globe, Cobham SATCOM maintains a close relationship to our partners and the markets we serve. Training, logistics, warehousing and overall support for our partners is never far away, ensuring a consistent, exceptional customer experience.

  • Technical service partners is there for you
    Freedom to focus on your business

    Technical service partners is there for you

    All Cobham SATCOM products are backed by our standard warranty, covering 2 years for parts and 2 years for labour related to any replacements needed. Our network of Technical Service Partners are stocked with all major spare parts kits, and ready to take action the moment your business demands it. Keep your operation moving. We'll sort the rest out for you.

Single Product Range for All Shipboard Communications
  • L-Band
    The Line ups


    Exceptional quality. Proven reliability. 280,000 Inmarsat Cs. 60,000 FBB terminals. SAILOR is synonymous with the quality and reliability, especially in L-band communications. Whether as a stand alone option or VSAT companion, the SAILOR range offers the ultimate flexibility which comes with being the world’s leading maritime connectivity provider with the most extensive solution portfolio available.

    See the L-band Line Ups
  • VSAT
    The Line Ups


    Experience SAILOR Quality and Reliability. Operational continuity is more important now than ever before. More vessels rely on SAILOR to ensure mission critical connectivity than any other brand today. Benefit from the countless insights baked into our platform gained over almost half a century of earning the market’s trust.

    See the VSAT Line Ups
  • SAILOR Radio, Safety and Tracking
    The Line Ups

    SAILOR Radio, Safety and Tracking

    SAILOR VHF and UHF maritime portable radios enable essential, highly reliable handheld communication on-board during operations at sea, whatever the weather. The SAILOR maritime portable radios range features seven tough handhelds designed to make operations safer and more efficient by ensuring clear communication from anywhere, and in any conditions. Their rugged design, with large, clear waterproof screen, ribbed grip and supreme audio quality makes them reliable and easy to use even with gloves and under pressure during critical operations and emergencies. There are models for every purpose including standard portable VHF and UHF to GMDSS and 'Wheelmark,' ATEX and FCC approved portables.

    See the Radio, Safety and Tracking Line Ups
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Cobham SATCOM markets its products through a comprehensive world class partner network comprising of more than 200 official partners globally, ensuring that customers can find a qualified Cobham SATCOM representative just about anywhere in the world.