Business Case for Maritime Satellite Internet

With all the positive effects of a satellite connection, the business case for investing in equipment should be clear.


While maritime satellite internet and digitalisation certainly cost money, when you use it to generate operational and business efficiencies, it is certainly not a cost. Broadband at sea is in fact one of the few investments you can make with a guaranteed return.

  • Benefits
    Maritime satellite internet


    IP connectivity at sea delivered by maritime broadband provides the basis to optimise workflows across the board saving cost for the operator or opening for new business to be made. With today’s reliable satellite networks enabling high availability of satellite internet, the business case for internet at sea is as viable as it is vast.

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  • Cost breakdown
    Maritime satellite internet

    Cost breakdown

    The cost of smart shipping is shared across the ICT value-chain, with satellite communication services, on board hardware and cloud-based digital platforms all needed to unlock the power of your data.

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