Compare Satellite Internet Bands

Compare Satellite Internet Bands

Get connected

At home or at work, getting connected to the internet is easy. Just choose the best available ADSL, or if available, fibre service and you are ready to go. It’s not quite as simple at sea, where a multitude of services operating on different satellite frequency bands are available to choose from, and indeed, in all likelihood a single service may not be enough.

All satellite frequencies have pros and cons. Ka-band for instance, has the potential for very high throughput, but quality may degrade due to moisture in the air. C-band is more resilient, but needs much bigger antennas. Ku-band antennas are generally smaller. They can be affected by environmental conditions, but are less susceptible to terrestrial interference.

As easy as SAILOR or Sea Tel

It’s important to understand the services and frequencies that are right for your planned usage and where you are based or operating. All have pros and cons and often there will be a tradeoff. This complexity can make procuring the right services and on board equipment for your needs and budget incredibly challenging.

Fortunately, Cobham SATCOM’s all-encompassing, field-proven range of maritime satcom antennas has been developed with due consideration and targeted expertise to cater for the specific requirements of all users regardless of the satellite frequencies and services available to them.

From single antenna’s to easily integrated dual and triple installations, even state-of-the-art dual band and triband solutions, SAILOR and Sea Tel antennas cover the entire maritime satellite frequency spectrum and can deliver the best performance on services from global and local providers.