What is C-band?

What is C-band?

VSAT Resilience

The C-band frequency range (4GHz-8GHz) has been a cornerstone of satellite communications for decades. This lower frequency spectrum enables lower cost per megabit than other VSAT frequencies and offers less signal susceptibility to the effects of rain and interference from other climate-related factors, including sea spray in rough conditions.

C-Band VSAT is well-suited to providing voice and data transmissions from ship to shore and vice versa, however antenna reflectors greater than 2.4 metres are required to deliver optimal service performance, so only larger ships can consider it as a viable option. This means that C-band VSAT is most commonly used on cruise ships and to some extent on oil & gas platforms.

Cobham SATCOM meets the C-band antenna needs of the maritime industry with a well-proven range of Sea Tel antenna systems to suit all weather conditions. Sea Tel C-band antennas are a well-respected cornerstone of highly customised networks where high bandwidth and multiple concurrent users are key factors.

Satellite network operators Intelsat and SES are two key providers of C-band space capacity.

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