What is Ku-band?

What is Ku-band?


The Ku-band frequency spectrum (12-18GHz) for satellite communication is commonly used for maritime VSAT services. Global capacity and high availability means that Ku-band systems can be an economical and flexible means of obtaining a high-throughput on smaller reflector dishes than needed for C-band VSAT, making it suitable for a wider range of vessels.

Ku-band VSAT is especially popular on merchant vessels as it allows for more and lower-cost data than competing L-band services. The high availability of bandwidth to move data from ship to shore and vice versa is being put to use to drive the digital transformation of maritime operations. Considering C-band vs Ku-band VSAT, we see that Ku-band is more liable to rain fade, however, it has the advantage of being more resistant to terrestrial interference.

Cobham SATCOM offers an extensive range of easy-to-install, high-performance SAILOR and Sea Tel VSAT Ku-band antenna systems, with proven best-in-class radio performance, which allows for dependable Ku-band connectivity almost anywhere in the world.

Satellite network operators Intelsat and SES are two key providers of Ku-band space capacity.

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