What is Triband?

Operational continuity

Tri-band antenna systems represent the state-of-the-art in maritime VSAT. With almost instant access to all three maritime VSAT frequencies enabling significant Opex savings and efficiencies, tri-band can dramatically enhance the business case for digital transformation in the maritime environment, especially for users in Cruise, Energy and Government.

Cobham SATCOM’s cutting-edge Sea Tel 9711 Triband antenna system, launched in March 2018, was developed in tandem with global communications company Viasat to offer reliable, fully-integrated operational continuity, with automatic switching between C-band (4-8GHz), Ku-band (12-18GHz) and Ka-band (26.5-40GHz) VSAT networks.

The Sea Tel 9711’s proprietary Integrated Maritime Antenna (IMA) architecture enables the antenna to track new satellite constellations as and when they go online: this capability enhances the considerable long-term business benefits of the system’s tri-band connectivity, maximising the potential for data-driven leverage as more and more sectors of the maritime industry digitalise business and operations.

The Sea Tel 9711 Triband is the world’s first and only 2.4m maritime stabilized antenna capable of delivering full 2.4m gain performance across any C-, Ku-, or Ka-band network to maximize high-speed, high-quality broadband connectivity for high-demand users.

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