What is X-band?

What is X-band?

Secure communications

The secure and regulated X-band frequency range (9-12GHz) has been allocated solely for naval, military and governmental use. X-band radar is indispensable for naval operations including the searching and tracking of surface targets, while X-band communication antenna systems provide email and internet access for operational and crew use.

X-band VSAT frequencies are resilient to rain fade and signal problems caused by other adverse weather conditions. Additionally, smaller antennas can be used to deliver high performance on X-band services, so hardware and bandwidth costs can be comparatively low.

Cobham SATCOM’s Sea Tel X-band VSAT antennas have been specifically designed to provide dependable, always-on connectivity for naval and military applications, offering the rugged reliability required for operational continuity even in live fire scenarios.

Airbus is a key provider of X-band VSAT services.

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