Maritime Internet For Crew Welfare

Maritime Internet For Crew Welfare

Wellbeing at sea

It’s scarcely surprising that mental health problems should be so prevalent among maritime and offshore crews: the most surprising aspect is the fact that it has taken so long for this tendency to be widely recognised and acknowledged.

Crew members who spend lengthy periods of time at sea, far from home and occupying job roles which may carry a great deal of responsibility, often experience acute physical and psychological strain – and are in danger of succumbing to feelings of fatigue and social isolation.

These are the first steps down a potentially difficult path for the seafarer and the employer: but so many problems of this nature are preventable if regular, reliable low-cost or free communication with loved ones and the outside world in general can be achieved, acting as a lift to an individual’s mood and wellbeing.

Making this a reality is not only a concern in the context of HR, safety and operational performance; it is a moral duty. Crew welfare is amoung other things, reliant upon having dependable and seamless communication links on board. Ship owners and operators who offer such a service on their vessels stand to attract the best crew while encouraging their loyalty.

Entertainment and on-shore friends and family

Cobham SATCOM’s Sea Tel VSAT technology and feature-rich SAILOR antennas offer industry-leading communications solutions from a single supplier, across all maritime sectors. VSAT enables higher volumes of data, allowing crew members to carry out their jobs more efficiently and thereby reducing stress levels. However, the same services used for work, can also be used by crew to make phone calls, access Facebook, email or IM their loved ones, or even use video-calling apps like Facetime.

  • Entertainment at sea
  • Social Media at sea
  • Video on demand at sea

Entertainment at sea including social media at sea and video on demand at sea, is all-important for crew downtime. Your choice of satcom provider and on board hardware therefore, is as essential to your people as the efficiency gains achievable through state-of-the-art communications solutions on board are to operations.

And while mental health is, correctly, more in the spotlight today, investing in on board satellite hardware that guarantees the highest uptime, also enables the use of modern telemedicine solutions, in which vital clinical health care can be administered to crew members from a distance, even with the doctor being on board virtually by video link.

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