Maritime Internet For Passenger Entertainment

Maritime Internet For Passenger Entertainment

We have come a long way

Owing to exponential advances in satellite technology over the past decade, it has become increasingly possible for passengers to enjoy the same quality of internet services – with similarly rapid, ‘always-on’ Wi-Fi connectivity – that they will have come to expect on land.

The impressive rate of progress that has revolutionised the standard and reliability of email, voice and video communications from ship to shore, has also made seamless media streaming possible on board and enabled access to on-demand content, which guest and passengers, can enjoy on televisions, their smartphones, laptops or tablets – even while moving around on a vessel.

Likewise, with the proliferation of social media as a global phenomenon, being out of the loop when cruising and travelling is no longer acceptable; making delivering reliable connectivity not just for messaging, but also for multi-media, a critical aspect for companies developing new strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

Giving passengers what they want

With a stable and secure communications link and an appropriately configured system, filmed or streamed content – for example, live sporting events, rolling news or keenly-awaited movies – is changing the shape of passenger entertainment at sea.

Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR VSAT and Sea Tel VSAT technology have proven indispensable in this, as the basis of fully integrated connectivity and entertainment solutions from a single supplier. When offering state-of-the-art services for passenger consumption, reliability is key to delivering impeccable service, so choosing high quality VSAT antennas is just as important as getting the right satellite services and delivering the best content.

When you have the right hardware and partner, providing a comprehensive range of entertainment-at-sea options including streaming content has never been easier. With Cobham SATCOM, you can develop cost-effective and high quality services to meet the always growing demand from guests and passengers for connectivity-driven entertainment on board.

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