At Cobham SATCOM, we have always been fully dedicated to providing a world-class service, recognising the vital importance of keeping every vessel operating safely and efficiently across the world’s seas. With the introduction of Service 2.0 today, we are proud to take the service to the next level.

The new Service 2.0 is built on more than 20 years of experience, partnership and customer feedback and aims to optimize the customer experience and need for efficient, high quality and cost efficient service as and when needed.

“Our experience from having offered service programs for the past twenty years has clearly demonstrated that cooperation accelerates business growth, leading to higher quality, better profitability and improved customer satisfaction,” says Erling Mogensen, Director of Global Service at Cobham SATCOM. Although many things have changed over the years, the goal remains the same – to deliver top class service. That remains the key driver and motivation for the Cobham SATCOM team as we strive to deliver continuous improvements to our service program.”

With Service 2.0 we have refined and simplified our go-to-market service set up, working through a dedicated, highly skilled service partner network of either Certified Service Centres (CSC), Basic Service Partners or Private label, leading to faster resolutions and higher first-time-fix rates. For more information on the various service options, please contact Erling Mogensen at

The high quality service levels thoroughly rests on the principle of specialization, which means that technicians get the highest standard of training and have extensive hands on experience. This guarantees a well-defined, identical, high quality service and a consistent support level which is always available to all customers using a Cobham SATCOM product. Wherever they might be in the world.

By choosing a company that is listed on the Cobham SATCOM “Get service” list, the customer is assured that the company is committed to Cobham SATCOM’s service policies, has access to all the relevant parts, support and information, and that the technician has access to all relevant training.

We are excited to launch Service 2.0 today and look forward to partnering with you on this important programme moving forward.