Another Successful EMEA Partner Event in a Spectacular Setting

In early July, more than 70 individuals from over 25 countries and 40 companies within the Cobham SATCOM ecosystem came together for a few days in The Hague, Netherlands to hear the latest updates from our side, have a peak at some exciting things to come, meet some important new faces, and enjoy the final installment of the Volvo Ocean Race In Port Series. This occasion marked the perfect opportunity for Janus Pagh, new CEO Cobham SATCOM as of June this year, to connect with many of our key partners and vice versa.

Janus was also joined by Paul Kahn, President of Cobham’s entire Communications & Connectivity Sector (of which SATCOM is one Business Unit).  Paul began this role in October last year and took the opportunity to learn directly from our valued partners about their experience with Cobham and how we can collaborate in order to more actively drive growth for our ecosystem.  Discussions ranged from development of new product offerings to alternative commercial models, and even new operational approaches to jointly addressing the challenge of connecting more ships more quickly. 

Finally, keynote speaker Jordi Neves, Chief Digital Officer of the VOR captivated everyone with a fascinating overview of how broadband satellite communications have evolved the race’s digital strategy over the years and dramatically increased its global popularity.  2017-18 marked the first VOR to embed videographers on-board each boat throughout the entire journey.  When not holding on for dear life, these brave souls were tasked with capturing all the events, editing footage onboard, and transmitting it in near-real-time back to Race HQ in Alicante to share with fans around the world.  This year’s push for more video footage resulted in over 200 GB of data transmitted over Inmarsat’s Fleetbroadband network, all thanks to the reliable link provided by our SAILOR Fleetbroadband products.

All in all, it was an outstanding event with a strong focus on strengthening our global partner network through streamlined business processes, improved operational capabilities, and increased information sharing. By providing you with better tools, proactive updates, and easier ways to collaborate as an ecosystem, together we can ensure any customer using SAILOR or Sea Tel equipment paired with your outstanding services enjoys a user experience far above any other. 

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Cobham SATCOM at SMM 2018

At the beginning of September, the maritime community came together at SMM – the world’s largest biennial trade fair representing industry experts from more than 120 different countries across the world. Cobham SATCOM was proud to yet again team up with SMM in the efforts to support a safer and more efficient work environment at sea.

SMM was a great opportunity for us to share some of our recent innovative solutions including launching our latest addition to the SAILOR family; namely our SAILOR 100 GX High Power.

The week was full of great customer interactions at our German dinner event, through numerous partner meetings and as part of our dedicated SMM activities such as the Knowledge seminars and Business Insights survey. Congratulations again to Stephen Burney from Electrotech in Australia, who won the competition and is now the happy owner of the cool DJI Spark mini drone.

We were really pleased to welcome more than a 100 attendees at our Knowledge seminars over the course of the week who turned up to learn more about the new regulatory developments and the Future of GMDSS; The next generation of L-band as a companion to VSAT; as well as how Every Minute Matters when it comes to digitalisation within the Maritime industry. Finally, Cobham SATCOM joined in on the digital and regulatory conversations through a number of dedicated interviews.

Thank you for all the interest and interactions during SMM – we look forward to seeing you again soon.

SAILOR 100 GX High Power unveiled at SMM 2018 enables access to Inmarsat’s newly launched high data rate plans for the offshore segment

During SMM we announced our new, type approved SAILOR 100 GX High Power Fleet Xpress user terminal, building upon the proven success of our market-leading SAILOR 100 GX system.

Delivering twice the RF power of standard GX terminals, the SAILOR 100 GX High Power dramatically improves the economics of pushing large amounts of data from ship to shore, while also improving overall service quality and availability around the globe. 

With enhanced throughput and greater reliability, the SAILOR 100 GX High Power terminal raises the bar for those operating in an increasingly digital environment while improving the overall experience of shipboard crew communications.

As an additional enhancement to the stability and quality of the satellite service, the SAILOR 100 GX High Power system is compatible with Cobham SATCOM’s GX Antenna Diversity Solution. This means that operation of two Ka-band antennas can be achieved from a single GX modem unit, with FleetBroadband integrated all on a single Fleet Xpress subscription. Only SAILOR GX series terminals enable dual antenna operation through embedded intelligent software, which eliminates thousands of dollars in costly rack devices and maintains the SAILOR emphasis on streamlined installation and activation.

To learn more about our new SAILOR 100 GX High Power please click here.

Cobham SATCOM presented the much anticipated SAILOR 4300 L-band at the recent Iridium Partner Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

With commercial service launch only weeks away, Cobham SATCOM was delighted to be part of the Iridium Partner Conference that took place end of September. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our new SAILOR 4300 L-band for Iridium Certus and to get initial feedback on our latest offering.

We were very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response in general and the particular appreciation of the option to re-use already existing cables thus easing the time and efforts of installation whilst bringing down the total cost of ownership.

We look forward to the upcoming commercial service launch later this month and to bring multi-user Internet, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage such as email and crew communication to sailors around the world - all courtesy of the SAILOR 4300 L-Band terminal build especially for Iridium Certus.

Furthermore, the advantages of eLearning vs. in-person training are significant in terms of reducing both time and costs associated with travel to centralized training locations, sitting through previously attended course modules, and time away from more productive, profit generating activities.  Another advantage to eLearning is that digital modules are always there as a quick reference down the line. 

Recently, our Global Service team rolled out six new courses in our Cobham Training Academy located on Cobham SYNC. These courses focus on specific elements in the support of Sea Tel VSAT and TVRO products as well as various accessories, such as Arbitrators and Fiber IFL devices.  There are now a total of fourteen courses in the Cobham Training Academy with more to come.  New course topics are:

  • Sea Tel Fiber Technical Training
    • Covers Specifications, connections and internal fundamentals.
  • Sea Tel TVRO Arbitrator technical training and Simulator
  • Sea Tel VSAT Arbitrator technical training and simulator
  • Sea Tel VSAT dual network arbitrator technical training and simulator
    • Fully Working programmable Simulators
    • Covers Specifications, Connections and internal fundamentals
  • Sea Tel VSAT 1dB and power levels technical training and simulator
    • Covers the 1dB fundamentals and working simulator.
  • Sea Tel IMA technical training and Simulator
    • Covers the VSAT IMA platform using 1.xx software.

Each training module consists of interactive training material followed by a short test; once this has been completed a Cobham certificate will be issued. Once completed, the interactive training becomes a simulator along with an index menu allowing easy direct navigation to the section needed, giving you the realistic experience of the equipment via virtual reality.

We encourage technicians to take advantage of this tool as soon as possible and – as always – kindly request for any feedback on the experience, the value of the content, and how we can continuously improve the quality of our courses. 

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Public version of Cobham SYNC going live

In mid-September we launched an updated version of the public site of Cobham SYNC. The public version of Cobham SYNC is more visible aiming to target end customers and educate them in satellite and radio communication while also perusing to drive traffic to our “where to buy” list  containing all our partners. Our digital marketing efforts done in developing the public version of Cobham SYNC will enable us to channel organic searches and potential end-customers through our sales channel, creating more leads to you as our valued partner.

For you as a partner, there are no changes to content in the access restricted part of Cobham SYNC. To login as a partner, simply use the login button in the top right corner.

Cobham SATCOM 3D Catalogue update

Do you have the Cobham SATCOM 3D Catalogue app installed on you smartphone or tablet? In August, we updated the app to give you more control of what 3D models you would like to download and display offline. When one of the available 3D models has been downloaded to your device, you no longer have to rely on tradeshows' poor internet to showcase Cobham SATCOM product in 3D.

Giving you control of the downloaded 3D models also makes the app lighter for your smart phone to carry. We have reduced the amount of required space of the app and enhanced the overall performance.

The app is made for our partners to showcase Cobham SATCOM products, and we want you to be a part of it. That is why you can co-brand the app with your logo AND the primary and secondary colors of your company. If your logo and color scheme are not on the app, make sure to get it by submitting a request on Cobham SYNC via help center. All you need to do is attach you company logo in .png format and copy in the RGB codes for your primary and secondary colors.

Don’t have the app yet? Get it now on IOS and Android

Cobham SATCOM in the news

In case you missed it, here is a collection of some recent media coverage, including news on new products, thoughts on the industry and other valuable insights from members of our team.

Watch the interview with Matt Galston, Sr. Director of Product Management, talking about connectivity, big data and his perspective on Cobham SATCOM's digitalization solutions for the maritime radio and satcom industry


Watch the Interview with Niels Peter Agdal, Director for Radio, Safety and Tracking Maritime Business Unit, talking about the importance of participating at SMM, Hamburg. Learn about the new products recently launched and presented at SMM.