Included in system

407009D-00501 Above Deck Unit (ADU), incl. 103cm reflector, 5W BUC, LNB,

Mounting Accessories.

407016C-00507 Antenna Control Unit (ACU), AC Powered for 19" rack

mounting (1U).

- User & Installation Manual.

- AC Power cord.

- NMEA Multi-plug.

- 2x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable TX/RX ACU-VMU.

- Ethernet cable.

Product description

SAILOR® Dual Antenna Operation with THOR 7

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the unique SAILOR Dual Antenna Operation on one iDirect X7 Satellite Router for Ka-band on THOR 7 until 2020.

However, Telenor Satellite is actively evaluating the NEWTEC modem/hub platform to use on THOR 7 Ka-band. If TS would support NEWTEC now, a dual antenna operation on THOR 7 is possible. Please contact Telenor Satellite for the possibility to use a NEWTEC modem.

The Antenna Diversity Solution for Inmarsat Global Xpress® (two Ka-band antennae on a single iDirect X7 Satellite Router, or equivalent GX core module; iDirect CX753 built in to the SAILOR GX Modem Unit) is subject to a two-year exclusivity agreement between VT iDirect, Inc. and Inmarsat plc..


  • ACU
    63x60x63 cm             8 kg
  • ADU
    146x146x146 cm      230 kg
  • CBM total
  • CBM total

Technical documents