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If you want to equip your merchant vessels with the best-performing, most reliable antenna system on the market, look no further than the new SAILOR XTR™. Rapid Deployment Technology reduces time and costs by getting your vessels up and running fast. In addition, future-proof high-speed connectivity delivers the performance you need to conduct your business at sea. The SAILOR XTR™ ensures carrying out essential tasks like sending your manifest, sharing documentation to berth and requesting pilots is fast, reliable and secure.

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The SAILOR XTR™ - new features explained


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  • Prepared for new satellite constellations including LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits
    Future-proof antenna systems

    Prepared for new satellite constellations including LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits

    The SAILOR XTR™ system is a powerhouse for any merchant shipping vessel. The software-controlled antenna platform is fully prepared for new satellite constellations in LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits. The XTR antenna systems also facilitate a built-in Ethernet port for third-party device integration. This additional connectivity is then securely routed to below deck at 1 Gbps over coax. Plus, you can easily convert between Ka and Ku bands. In addition, XTR antennas are ready to handle IoT protocols such as MQTT, SNMP and RESTful API, making procedures such as predictive maintenance more efficient. Now is the time to maximise your business potential and reach out for tomorrow’s antenna system.

  • Hassle-free, quick rollout
    Rapid Deployment Technology

    Hassle-free, quick rollout

    SAILOR XTR™ deployment is simple and fast, which means reduced installation costs for your merchant vessels. A real one-cable solution connects the antenna to below deck, while automatic cable calibration is built into the system’s software and can quickly determine and apply antenna cable attenuation. No mechanical intervention is required. Also, the unique XTR™ Installation Wizard ensures a hassle-free, quick rollout. With the SAILOR XTR™, you can reach out for minimised installation time and costs.

  • Secure antenna control software and reliable remote management
    Simplified operations

    Secure antenna control software and reliable remote management

    The SAILOR XTR™ is the smart antenna solution that gives your merchant vessels constant satellite connectivity. It is packed with important features like blocking zone detection and mapping, and dual antenna operations that do not need an expensive additional box. You also get reliable remote access for diagnostics and statistics, management and secure antenna control software. Now you can reach out for the smartest maritime antenna solution.

Full SAILOR XTR™ portfolio coming soon...


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A SAILOR XTR™ system has a sharp focus on uptime and meets current and future antenna requirements. It delivers important features like remote management and secure antenna control software, keeping your antenna protected from cyber attack. Reach out today for the smartest antenna solution on the market.