SAILOR XTRTM – a new generation antenna platform to future-proof vessel connectivity in an uncertain world

The new SAILOR XTRTM platform is the ultimate antenna solution for modern maritime business needs. It delivers unmatched performance for satellite networks, both today and in the future. With our Rapid Deployment Technology, you can make sure to be up and running in no time and continue to simplify your business operations with automatic blocking zone detection and the new Secure Cobham-signed software that keeps the antenna protected from cyber attacks. So reach out to learn more about SAILOR XTRTM.

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  • Future-proof antenna systems

    Best in class antenna performance. Quick and easy conversion between Ku and Ka band. Prepared for new satellite constellations and future networks. That’s SAILOR XTR™.

  • Rapid Deployment Technology

    Get simple, quick and cost effective installation with the new SAILOR XTR™ Wizard.

  • Simplified operations

    With remote access for statistics and diagnoses and new secure Cobham-signed software, you get superb connectivity while reducing complexity.

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The Cobham SAILOR XTR™ system takes real-time communication and data transfer at sea to a new level. Now you can reach out for the most intelligent antenna solution on the market.

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    The SAILOR XTR Below Deck Unit