The world’s best maritime antenna system is now even better

Easy access to data at sea is key to your operational efficiency. When you choose the SAILOR XTR™, you can be sure you will have the data to make decisions quickly and with confidence.


With superb connectivity and secure XTR™ software, you get all the data you need securely and in real time, ensuring your business stays connected and profitable.

The SAILOR XTR™ system’s antenna performance is the best you can get. With its unmatched network performance, the SAILOR XTR™ is a masterclass in engineering and innovation. As well as being ready to handle IoT protocols such as MQTT, SNMP and RESTful API, the system is also fully prepared for constellations such as LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO.

Our Rapid Deployment Technology ensures a hassle-free, quick rollout using innovative features such as one-cable solution that connects the antenna to below deck, and the XTR™ Installation Wizard. With the SAILOR XTR™ you can equip your vessel faster and with fewer resources, which will minimise installation costs.

If you are in the market for the best-performing and most cost-effective antenna solution, you need to look no further than the new SAILOR XTR™ system. You get the world’s most rugged, reliable antennas in a system specifically designed to meet the demands of both current and future technology.

The SAILOR XTR™ will help you grow and thrive in your industry for years to come. That can only mean one thing – better business for you.

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A SAILOR XTR™ system has a sharp focus on uptime and meets current and future antenna requirements. It delivers important features like remote management and secure antenna control software, keeping your antenna protected from cyber attack. Reach out today for the smartest antenna solution on the market.

Full SAILOR XTR™ portfolio coming soon...


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