Ku LNB "Cobham" SAILOR VSAT Ku - Spare Kit

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#51-204661-530 Screw M5x30 Pan Head TX A4 4
#62-153176 Cobham Ku-LNB 10.7-12.75GHz, dual LO 9.75/10.75GHz 2
#62-162241 TX Reject Filter and Adapter Assy 2
#97-164228-B SAILOR 800-900 VSAT Ku FRP Cobham LNB kit 1
PLEASE NOTE Note: If the SAILOR 900B/E ADU is fitted with 88-207110-000 LNB’s, both LNB’s has to be replaced. Use spare part kit S-62-163185: LNB Kit (Two pair of: LNB + waveguide + TX reject filter) Note: SAILOR 900A. Not possible to use Cobham LNB. Use S-88-206803-002 (with F connector) Note: SAILOR 800A: Only for ADU’s manufactured after November 2017 (88-207110-000 LNB’s. with SMA connector) else use S-88-206803-002 (with F connector)
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Ku LNB "Cobham" SAILOR VSAT Ku - Spare Kit

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