Replace Kit, LBUC, Codan 8W, 6908-W/E-48/EX-CE-NI

Items included
Item Description Qty.
#134442-4 SSPB,KU,CODAN LBUC,8W NI,48VDC,6908W/E-48/EX-CE-NI 1
#48-207231-003 BOX, BROWN, 28 X 16 X 14 1
#48-207285-000 LOCTITE 263 10ML;RETAINING COMPOUND 1
Please Note This unit is Obsolete For replacement you will need to purchase S-140354-2 8W BUC or S-140354-4 16W Buc beside that, you will need to purchase the Conversion Kit 40-169962 which has to be ordered via OHC.