Elevation Berings Kit

Items included
Item Description Qty.
#41-136915-B Elevation Spacer 2
#41-206929-850 Timing Belt 10T5/850 1
#41-207701-020 Self-aligning ball bearing 2204 E-2RS1TN9 2
#51-207140-820 Screw M8x20 Head Cap HEX Socket A4 2
#53-200167-008 Washer flat 8mm stainless A2 2
#97-176825-A SAILOR 900X VSAT FRP Ele bearing.docx 1
Please Note The recommended tool is NOT included in the kit. The tool must be supplied or made by the TSP themselves. See SAILOR 900X VSAT FRP Elevation bearing.pdf
Product information
Elevation Berings Kit