Cable Kit F/ MF/HF 6000B TU

Items included
Item Description Qty.
#37-131156-A CoaxCable 280mm w. Taico Denki 1
#37-141172-B Ribbon cable L=375mm with 2x14 pole u.-match conn 1
#37-141191-B Ribbon cable L=380mm, 2x20 pole u.-match connector 1
#37-145250-A Ribbon cable L=550mm with 3x14 pole u.-match con 1
#37-145260-A Ribbon cable L=430mm with 2x20 pole u.-match conn 1
#45-206121-254 Flat cable clamp PVC w. adh. 2
#45-207122-000 Cable Clamp, 19x19mm Stick On, Black 1
#45-207132-100 Cable Tie 2,5x100 PA66 Black inside serration 1
#97-149322-B Installation guide, 500W MF/HF TU upgrade to 6300B 1
#97-149652-B Install. guide,150W/250W MF/HF TU upgrade to 6300B 1
Product information
Cable Kit F/ MF/HF 6000B TU

Product description

Cable Ribbon p/n 37-141172A, 37-141491-B & 37-145250-A are only used for the TU 150/250W. Cable Ribbon p/n 37-145260-A & 37-131156-A are only used for TU 500W