Console Ext Kit. 1-section less front plate, 400mm

Items included
Item Description Qty.
#41-130706-B Inside Plate for console, system 6000 1
#41-130707-A Bottom plate for console, 400mm system 6000 1
#41-131265-A Mounting Plate for center module for console 6000 1
#82-130686-A Top Plate for Console, 400 mm, Black grey 1
#82-130693-A Cover Plate for center module Console, Black grey 1
#87.192 Screw M4x6 Countersunk PZ A2 Black Klevercol 8
#87.219 Screw M4x5 Pan Head PZ A2 8
#87.351 Screw M4x5 Pan Head PZ Steel Zn plate blue 15
Please Note Will be produced and delivered after order