ATEX, Secondary Battery Rechargeable SAILOR B3504

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#403504A ATEX, B3504 Secondary Battery, Rechargeable Li-ion 1
#99-151227-B ATEX comp: Important note for ATEX Battery 1
  • SAILOR SP3500 ATEX Radios
  • SAILOR SP3530 Portable VHF ATEX
  • SAILOR SP3560 Portable ATEX UHF
Important information Cobham SATCOM is sorry to announce that due to world wide components delivery problems the order quantity has been setup to MAX 10 pcs. per order as we need to be able to deliver batteries to all our customers. We cannot give you expected lead time in advance but we will soonest possible after we have received your order send you the order confirmation with delivery date. We know it may be unsatisfactory with the small order size due to dangerous goods freight rates but unfortunately we do not have other solutions as it is a world wide problem and we want to help all of your.