Spare Part Kit SAILOR VSAT/GX 900Ka / 100GX

Items included
Item Description Qty.
#60-143908 Generic GNSS module 1
#S-31-206391-011 NMEA Con. 8513B Female 11P 1
#S-31-206446-002 Power Connector 2PF pi7.62 Straigt 1
#S-37-141141-B BCM - BUC Control Cable SAILOR 900Ka, 100GX 1
#S-62-131003 Zero Reference PCB Module ZRM 8-900A,B,Ka / 100GX 1
#S-62-134491 Azimuth Encoder Unit 8-900A,B,Ka /100GX/100SatTV 1
#S-62-134492 Elevation Motor Unit 8-900A,B,Ka/100GX/100SatTV 1
#S-62-134494 Azimuth Motor Unit 8-900A,B,Ka/100GX/100SatTV 1
#S-62-134495 X-Elevation Motor Unit 8-900A,B,Ka/100GX/100SatTV 1
#S-62-136408 Rotary Joint SAILOR 800/900A,B,Ka 100GX,SatTV 1
#S-62-136569 Pedestal Control PCB Module PCM2 SAILOR VSAT/GX/TV 1
#S-62-139193 BCM Module 1
#S-62-146737 SMD - Single Motor Drive 8-900A,B,Ka / 100GX 1
#S-62-148091 VSAT - Interface Module 3 - Vim3 F/Universal Ku/Ka 1
#S-62-161477 ISM3 for SAILOR VSAT Ku/Ka/GX (Not 900A) 1
#S-67-134468 Timing Belt - Kit F/SAILOR VSAT/GX & SatTV 1
#S-67-169483 ISM3 Adaptor Kit SAILOR Ku/Ka/GX (Not 900A) 1
#S-67-169484 ISM3 Screw Kit SAILOR VSAT 6xx 1
#S-88-207873-000 Optibelt Freq meas device. 1
Please NOTE Produced after order
Product information
Spare Part Kit SAILOR VSAT/GX 900Ka / 100GX

Product description

The kit is not delivered in a Pilicas.

Please read the Field Replacement Procedure if you will need this KIT for a SAILOR VSAT antenna using ACU-7016A or B version.

The kit do not contain LNB's & BUC's.