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Software release Viasat


Software packet for uploading software ver. 2.00 Build 021 to the SAILOR 900 Viasat Ka, SAILOR 600 Viasat Ka containing the following files: tt7xxx_2.00-21-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR Viasat - SW ver 200B021.pdf

Note: This software is SAILOR Viasat Ka only. And can only be used in a SAILOR Viasat ACU - 407016C-T19-001

Changes from SW ver. 2.00 Build 006 to SW ver. 2.00 Build 021

Verified with: Spock release

New features and improvements:

• Allow SPOCK to control power to mpTRIA in the antenna

• Add mpTRIA online state messages to Viasat protocol and re-configuration of mpTRIA if is down