Software Release 3.00B017


Software packet for uploading software ver. 3.00 Build 017 to the SAILOR 1000 XTR KU, containing the following files: tt7091_3.00-0017-acu_RelSignedEnc.tiif, and SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku-TN-SW300B17-95178233A.pdf

Changes from SW ver. First release (None – This is first software release 3.00 build 17)

High lights:

• Installation Wizard

Related bug fixes: None

Known bugs:

The first software release 3.00 does unfortunately contain some known functional limitations and issues. We will do our outmost to solve these for the next 3.01 software release.

• Administrator password validation lost after factory reset.

Admin login is not validated after a factory reset is performed. Login is open.

Workaround: Reboot the antenna system or run the Installation Wizard.

Solved in 3.01

• Azimuth Calibration

The satellite position cannot be specified with “E” & “W”, you must use “+” & “-“. (bug 85068).

Satellite drop-down menu missing (bug 85444).

• Blocking zone

Not possible to define a full blocking zone 0 – 360 degrees (bug 85493).

• Cable Calibration

While ongoing, no progress bar is displayed. (bug 85079).

TX signal bar does not indicate the calibration signal (bug 85492).

• Factory Reset

The Installation Manual is incorrectly deleted and can no longer be downloaded from the web GUI. (bug 85536).

• Installation Wizard

The Installation Wizard might change the administrator password. Reboot system to restore password value (bug 85645).

• Line up

After deactivation, the Dashboard might not show satellite data (bug 85501).

• VSAT profiles

Generic Modem profile – must show signal level in mV (85479).

• Dual Antenna support

Will be supported in future software release. Estimated to Q4-2021.