SAILOR XTR Ku - Software


Software packet for uploading software ver. 3.04 Build 009 to the SAILOR XTR KU, containing the following files: tt7091_3.04-0009-acu_RelSignedEnc.tiif, and SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku-TN-SW304B009.pdf

High lights:

Changes from SW ver. 3.03B030 to SW version 3.04B009

New features and improvements :

• Support for SAILOR 800 XTR Ku 8W & 16W.

• Support for SAILOR 600 XTR Ku 6W.

• SAILOR 600/800/1000 XTR Ku in Dual ADU installations.

Note: Support for “XTR only” system installations (Not in combination with legacy VSAT).

• Diagnostic logging, in Dual mode, improved.

• Azimuth calibration. New progress bar.

• Vibration data in diagnostic report index.


Version Date Size
(Current) 304B009 17/05/2022 25.4 mb
303B030 21/02/2022 25.4 mb
303B028 14/02/2022 25.4 mb
303B019 04/01/2022 25.5 mb
303B021 04/01/2022 25.5 mb
300B017 03/09/2021 25.6 mb