Software Release Ka


Software packet for uploading software ver. 1.62 Build 012 to the SAILOR 900 VSAT Ka, SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka containing the following files: tt7xxx_1.62-12-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR VSAT- Ka - SW ver 162B012.pdf

New features and improvements:

• New rf term type for “SAILOR 600 Ka High Power” antenna type

• New rf term type for “SAILOR 900 Ka High Power” antenna type

• Disable Extra Diagnostics Log Modem/BUC at boot

The logging of Modem and BUC communication will stop after a reboot. This is to avoid the diagnostic report to fill up with modem/BUC communication, overwriting events from the ADU.

Related bug fixes:

• LAN port 3

Enable the ‘Mode options’ if the port is unused.

• LAN port 4:

Only allow usage by custom VLANs, when ‘Mode option’ is set to “Switched with Port 1”

Possible to change ‘Mode option’ when port is being used by customer VLANs.

• Remove 2nd ACU IP when:

Changing to VMU which uses Legacy setup.

At boot when primary IP is not equal to 2nd GX IP.


Version Date Size
(Current) 162B012 04/06/2019 9.8 mb
162B006 20/02/2019 9.8 mb
162B007 20/02/2019 9.8 mb
160B024 09/07/2018 9.7 mb
158B022 22/12/2017 9.5 mb
160B015 22/12/2017 9.7 mb
158B019 06/06/2017 9.1 mb
157B024 30/01/2017 8.7 mb
154B020 06/12/2016 8.7 mb
157 B021 06/12/2016 9.1 mb