Software Release GX


Software packet for uploading software ver. 1.60 Build 024 to the SAILOR 100 GX, SAILOR 60GX containing the following files: tt7xxx_1.60-24-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR VSAT GX - SW ver 160B024.pdf

Changes from SW ver. 1.60 Build 015 to SW ver. 1.60 Build 024

New features and improvements:

• New tracking algorithm.

Single system: When in blocking zone. Heading now part of the tracking algorithm.

Dual system: Inactive ADU. Heading now part of the tracking algorithm.

• Network settings: LAN port: Switch LAN2 to LAN1 by default. (LAN2 in same Vlan as LAN1) See Appendix I

Can be overruled by the GMU through SNMP

• Network settings: Switch LAN4 to LAN1 (LAN4 in same Vlan as LAN1)

Can be overrules by the GMU through SNMP

• New Modem page in the WEB MMI

• Support for SSH / Telnet / HTTP / HTTPS access to LAN1

(Tunnel to modem from service LAN port) See appendix II

• More robust Pointing error filter for TX ON/OFF control

Related bug fixes:

• Fix bug with LAN setup in Dual GX mode

• Prevent the operator from loading software that not supported the new ACU 407016C in the unit

• Fix bug with Chrome SSL certificate (update SSL certificate during Software upload)


Version Date Size
(Current) 160B024 12/09/2018 9.7 mb
160B015 12/01/2018 10.3 mb
158B025 27/09/2017 9.5 mb
158B022 27/07/2017 9.7 mb
158B019 27/06/2017 9.1 mb
157B021 13/02/2017 9 mb
157B024 13/02/2017 8.7 mb
154B012 05/01/2017 8.9 mb