Software Release


Software packet for uploading software ver. 1.62 Build 006 to the SAILOR 100 GX, SAILOR 60GX containing the following files: tt7xxx_1.62-06-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR VSAT GX - SW ver 162B006.pdf

Changes from SW ver. 1.60 Build 024 to SW ver. 1.62 Build 006

New features and improvements:

• Support for S100 GX High Power antenna.

• Support for Blocking statistics (Blocking Map) Appendix I.

• ISM3 support.

• Improvement of GNSS handling.

• DUAL Antenna:

Dual Antenna Dashboard Master/Slave links.

Access to Master/Slave via the WEB MMI links now independent of the Master/Slave ACU interconnection.

• Inmarsat GX satellites predefined as satellite service profiles.

For azimuth calibration. Appendix II.


Vibration's Avg_Max_Min, Ship's Rol-Pch, ADU Voltages,

Tracking Receiver Power (SSI from ADU)

(Not supported by the “SAILOR VSAT Statistic Report”)


Add Dual Antenna runtime info.

Sort events after date.


Add GEO pointing Azimuth and Elevation to SNMP.

For more info see the MIB file. (Help desk)

• OpenAMIP:

Antenna status flag added to S cmd. Appendix III.

(OpenAMIP v1.14)

Heading, Velocity, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw added to W cmd.

(OpenAMIP v1.9)

Related bug fixes:

• Both antennas being active at the same time. (ADS)

• Sidelobe scan error when in “heading none” (SAILOR GX 60)

• Reset tracking corrections when scan is reset (new ACQ received from modem)

• Dual GX reactivate during OTC (ADS)

o During OTC, the active antenna is forced to the one selected by the CM, and we use service mode for that. But when the modem was re/deactivated furring this process, service mode was not cancelled.

o Known problems:


Version Date Size
(Current) 162B006 18/01/2019 9.8 mb
160B024 12/09/2018 9.7 mb
160B015 12/01/2018 10.3 mb
158B025 27/09/2017 9.5 mb
158B022 27/07/2017 9.7 mb
158B019 27/06/2017 9.1 mb
157B021 13/02/2017 9 mb
157B024 13/02/2017 8.7 mb
154B012 05/01/2017 8.9 mb