Software Release


Software packet for uploading software ver. 1.62 Build 026 to the SAILOR 100 GX, SAILOR 100 GX HP, SAILOR 60GX, and SAILOR 60GX HP, containing the following files: tt7xxx_1.62-26-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR VSAT GX - SW ver 162B026.pdf

Changes from SW ver. 1.62 Build 012 to SW ver. 1.62 Build 026

New features and improvements:

• Improvement of the Azimuth calibration accuracy.

• 50 MHz reference signal monitoring changed. Now starts along with the VMU connection monitoring.

• BCM event if the 50 MHz input from the VIM is lost.

• Performing sidelobe check on new pointing request.

• Increased ID timeout for GMU for better Rx Lock detection.

Time testing each ‘hot spot’ during ACQ increased with from 20 to 30 sec.

• Improved handling of multiple spot beam configurations from GMU.

If GMU sends more than three pointing updates in a row, a full acquisition is performed.

• Memory usage added to diagnostic report. Appendix I

• System uptime added to diagnostic report. Appendix I

• Increased the BUC voltage to 48Vdc (main ADU supply), on high power GX ADU’s with VIM3.

Related bug fixes:

• ADU type not showing (tt7006X/tt7009X) after a conversion from 600/900 Ka to 60/100GX and vice versa.

• Use average heading values when going into blocking zone. (The point when the ADU starts using the heading input again) Fixing ‘false

peak heading values’ being used when going into blocking zone.

• Random ACU reboot caused by Linux crash.

• 0A063 BCM warning & 0A06A Missing BUC response

When the BCM PLL goes in unlock state the event "Missing BUC response" is also set, or vice versa.

• Issue with restoring XIM data using “antenna_data select XXX” in the ‘User CLI’

ADS (dual ADU systems)

• Correctly handle Slave connection attempt. Fixing both Master and slave being in inactive mode.

• Wait for Master active response. Fixing slave being rejected by Master.

• L 1 1 status msg from VMU not forwarded from Master to Slave, when Slave is active during a beam switch, causing BUC = Mute.

• A system exiting a blocking zone and shortly thereafter reenters a blocking zone can end up in the faulty state tracking. This can lead to the idle antenna in an ADS/dual system ends up tracking off the satellite position.


Version Date Size
(Current) 162B026 16/01/2020 9.8 mb
162B012 05/08/2019 9.8 mb
162B007 25/02/2019 9.8 mb
162B006 18/01/2019 9.8 mb
160B024 12/09/2018 9.7 mb
160B015 12/01/2018 10.3 mb
158B025 27/09/2017 9.5 mb
158B022 27/07/2017 9.7 mb
158B019 27/06/2017 9.1 mb
157B021 13/02/2017 9 mb
157B024 13/02/2017 8.7 mb
154B012 05/01/2017 8.9 mb