Software Release Ku


Software packet for uploading software ver. 1.62 Build 012 to the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku, SAILOR 800 VSAT, SAILOR 800 VSAT High Power, SAILOR 900 VSAT, SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power, containing the following files: tt7xxx_1.62-12-acu.tiif and Tech Note SAILOR VSAT Ku - SW ver 162B012.pdf

New features and improvements:

• Support for “SAILOR 800B VSAT Ku High Power” antenna type

• Set Tx freq. to 1325 Mhz / midband.

In case that the TX freq. info received from Modem is out of the L-band range. (The TX freq. is used to setup the TX attenuators in the ACU/ADU, and by that keep the right P1db point)

• Disable Extra Diagnostics Modem Log at boot.

The logging of Modem communication will stop after a reboot. This is to avoid the diagnostic report to fill up with modem communication, overwriting events from the ADU.

o Related bug fixes:

o Known problems:


Version Date Size
(Current) 162B012 04/06/2019 9.8 mb
162B008 20/02/2019 9.7 mb
162B006 06/12/2018 9.8 mb
160B024 09/07/2018 9.7 mb
158B022 22/12/2017 9.5 mb
160B015 22/12/2017 9.8 mb
157B024 06/06/2017 9.1 mb
158B019 06/06/2017 9.5 mb
157B017 12/01/2017 9.1 mb
157B023 12/01/2017 8.7 mb
154B020 24/11/2016 9 mb
148B129 01/04/2016 8.6 mb