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Software release note Ka


Software, version 1.64 build 009, for the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka, the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka HP, SAILOR 900 VSAT Ka, and the SAILOR 900 VSAT Ka HP.

Changes from SW ver. 1.64 Build 006 to SW ver. 1.64 Build 009

New features and improvements:

Changed ID Timeout from 10 seconds to 25 seconds in OpenAMIP driver.

o During the ACQ, ACU will wait 25 seconds for the RXLock, before testing the next ‘hotspot’

Related bug fixes:

Fixed: ADU fails to stay on satellite when running in heading mode None

Fixed: Ping message is invalid JSON. (IoT)

Fixed: Create certificate via UCLI. (IoT)

Fixed mqtt_schedule read prints garbage value. (IoT)

Fixed: Loss of network can cause IoT hub processes to crash. (IoT)


Version Date Size
(Current) K 05/08/2021 498 kb
I 29/04/2021 494.2 kb
H 26/01/2021 493 kb
G 22/12/2020 532 kb
F 12/10/2020 488.5 kb
E 30/06/2020 529.8 kb
D 05/05/2020 629.2 kb
C 16/12/2019 480.5 kb
B 09/12/2019 478.5 kb
A 10/10/2019 488.1 kb