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Software Release Note SAILOR XTR Ku


Software version 3.10 build 007, for SAILOR 600 XTR Ku, SAILOR 800 XTR Ku, and SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku


• MEDIUM: It is recommended to apply this change / initiative to all units in stock. For units sold it is recommended to apply this change / initiative next time the system(s) is inspected.

Changes from SW ver. 3.08B012 to SW version 3.10B007

New features and improvements:

• Consolidated release for all XTR products

Replaces all previous versions of XTR SW, namely 3.08 (last unified XTR release)

• Add calibration status on wizard azimuth calibration page.

• Display a pop-up warning when enabling manual GPS position.

• Improvement of the Network page.

Dropdown boxes now show where the LAN ports is located.

(ADU port 1 / BDU port 1)

• Disable possibility to change the heading & position source during calibration.

Related bug fixes:

• Installation wizard can't activate VSAT profile. Fixed.

• General bug fixes and stability improvements


Version Date Size
(Current) O 19/12/2023 285.1 kb
M 23/11/2023 277.5 kb
L 14/07/2023 277 kb
K 10/11/2022 131.1 kb
I 07/09/2022 129.9 kb
H 04/07/2022 175.1 kb
G 17/05/2022 152.5 kb
F 21/02/2022 167.9 kb
E 14/02/2022 167.8 kb
D 04/01/2022 246.4 kb
C 22/12/2021 247.8 kb
B 07/09/2021 327.5 kb