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Software Release Note SAILOR XTR Ku


Software version 3.00 build 017, for the SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku 8W and SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku 16W

Changes from SW ver. First release (None – This is first software release 3.00 build 17)

High lights:

• Installation Wizard

Related bug fixes: None

Known bugs:

The first software release 3.00 does unfortunately contain some known functional limitations and issues. We will do our outmost to solve these for the next 3.01 software release.

• Administrator password validation lost after factory reset.

Admin login is not validated after a factory reset is performed. Login is open.

Workaround: Reboot the antenna system or run the Installation Wizard.

Solved in 3.01

• Azimuth Calibration

The satellite position cannot be specified with “E” & “W”, you must use “+” & “-“. (bug 85068).

Satellite drop-down menu missing (bug 85444).

• Blocking zone

Not possible to define a full blocking zone 0 – 360 degrees (bug 85493).

• Cable Calibration

While ongoing, no progress bar is displayed. (bug 85079).

TX signal bar does not indicate the calibration signal (bug 85492).

• Factory Reset

The Installation Manual is incorrectly deleted and can no longer be downloaded from the web GUI. (bug 85536).

• Installation Wizard

The Installation Wizard might change the administrator password. Reboot system to restore password value (bug 85645).

• Line up

After deactivation, the Dashboard might not show satellite data (bug 85501).

• VSAT profiles

Generic Modem profile – must show signal level in mV (85479).

• Dual Antenna support

Will be supported in future software release. Estimated to Q4-2021.