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Software Release Note SAILOR XTR GX-R2


Software version 3.08 build 011, for SAILOR 600 XTR GX-R2, SAILOR 1000 XTR GX-R2

Note: ADS (Antenna Diversity Solution) No combination with legacy SAILOR 60/100 GX / GX-R2)


• High: It is highly recommended to apply this change / initiative to all systems.

Changes from SW ver. 3.07B010 to SW version 3.08B011

New Features and improvements:

• Consolidated release for all XTR GX-R2 products.

o Replaces 3.05 (CX751), and 3.07 (SMB3315)

Related bug fixes:

• Multiple bug fixes related to dual antenna systems.

• General bug fixes and stability improvements.


Version Date Size
(Current) G 23/11/2023 253.3 kb
D 07/06/2023 295.2 kb
E 06/06/2023 292.3 kb
C 22/11/2022 291.1 kb
B 23/09/2022 120.6 kb
A 12/07/2022 117.6 kb