Land Mobile

When working in remote areas with little or no terrestrial coverage choosing satellite communication and radio systems designed specifically for your needs, can be the difference between life and death or enable your global asset management.

  • Public safety
    Land Mobile

    Public safety

    Communication is critical. Tailored VSAT and L-band satellite communications solutions can help improve coordination of first responders during rescue operations, ensure beyond-the-horizon coverage for existing radio networks and enable secure voice and real-time data through multi-bearer networks.

  • Energy and Utilities
    Land Mobile

    Energy and Utilities

    Constant, reliable connectivity in the field is increasingly necessary for site monitoring and increasing ROI. Satcom enables global asset management with access to real time data, unmanned communication and administration of IoT networks, as well as communication and data exchange with remote workers.

  • Media
    Land mobile


    We live in the era of information. Media companies provide the latest news 24/7 from anywhere in the world. From live broadcasting in war-torn areas, extreme weather coverage, remote sport competitions or anything in between, VSAT and BGAN enable coverage in the most challenging situations.

  • Government
    land mobile


    Satellite communication has always been at the core of Government & Defence due to its reliability and secure voice and data capabilities. Satcom solutions provide reliable, global connectivity for a wide variety of mission-critical needs.

  • Transport
    Land Mobile


    Supporting the increasing need for data in the transportation industry, satellite-enabled comms-on-the-move solutions offer an endless umbrella of applications. From data and Push-To-Talk train connectivity across the most remote areas of the world, to real-time fleet management solutions.

  • Aid
    Land mobile


    Reliable and effective voice and data satellite communication is of vital importance for aid organisations operating in the most in-need areas of our planet with little or no terrestrial network coverage. Lightweight portable satcom terminals and Fly-Away systems enable fast communication to help humanitarian workers provide effective crisis management after the effects of natural disasters or armed conflicts.

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