Commercial shipping: Internet at Sea

Commercial shipping: Internet at Sea

Your business. Transformed.

The case for investment in maritime communication spans the entire spectrum of operational, safety and crew welfare applications. At the same time, new networks and technologies are catalysing the transformational potential of shipping, making your communication strategy vital for business sustainability now, and in the future.

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Your fleet must adopt new, enterprise-grade integrated communications solutions to harness the power of the data that your ships generate, and in doing so, enable you to build a platform for more efficient operations.

Your ships must have certified safety communication equipment according to regulations, but it’s important to understand that your investment in technology can also be put to work to support operations and improve efficiency.

And your crews must be able to contact their friends and family at home by phone, by email and on social media while being giving low-cost and reliable Internet access. Without this, retaining your best staff is impossible.

Whether the need is operational, safety-related or welfare oriented, with the most extensive maritime communications technology portfolio available, Cobham SATCOM can help you to connect, globally. 

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