Cruise Ships & Passenger Vessels

Cruise Ships & Passenger Vessels

Your guests. Satisfied.

When operating vital scheduled crossings or delivering a once in a lifetime holiday experience, cruise ships and passenger vessels have two things in common: the need for proven GMDSS solutions for safety and reliable communication facilities with competitive lifecycle costs to improve customer satisfaction, crew welfare and operational efficiency.

Your data. Delivered.

Data is driving the cruise and ferry industries forward, and not just in the context of enabling Internet browsing and social media access for guests and passengers.   

Eager holiday makers and travelers are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to show friends and family highlights from their trip, but they are also generating huge amounts of data during their time on board. This can be used to tailor the experience and help to improve customer satisfaction.

A stable, high bandwidth link is a must. Cruise and passenger vessels use the same satellite networks as merchant ships, but to meet the higher demand for power, which ensures bandwidth is available for all users, the on board hardware and antenna configuration is more complex and cutting-edge.

But Cobham SATCOM believes that cruise and ferry operators need not worry about these complexities, which is why we offer an integrated technology platform for all communication requirements. Whether it’s radio communication on board or delivering the latest guest profile or fuel consumption report to shore, our technology and global support ensures that the message is received and that all your data is delivered

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