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Investment in the most effective trawl gear, winches, navigation and fish finding technology will help your vessel or fleet to improve catch performance and profitability. But in today’s competitive landscape, integrated radio and satellite communication technology can also give you the edge by enabling a more efficient, data-centric approach to operations, ultimately enabling skippers and crew more time to focus on what they do best – catching fish safely and effectively.

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By digitalising your on board operations, you are well positioned to streamline the trade and regulatory side of your business as well as benefit from sophisticated new applications that help you leverage the power of data and the integration of operational and information technology to documentation and catch reporting and to reduce costs related to e.g., equipment maintenance and fuel usage.

Digitalisation will bring significant efficiencies to your business when implemented well, which includes choosing a communication technology partner that understands your challenges and provides easy to install, low lifecycle cost technology to make sure that high bandwidth is always available.

The case to improve operational and business performance with VSAT is clear and while introducing more bandwidth to your vessel or fleet, you can also give your crews better facilities for Internet access and social media, ensuring they can stay in touch with their loved ones. Your crews are the most important asset you have, and Cobham SATCOM technology can help you to keep them happy.

While traditional L-band satcom can take you part of the way, the innovation, flexibility and ultimate reliability of Cobham SATCOM VSAT antennas are the true enabler of digitalisation in fisheries.

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