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Deploying digital technology to empower data-centric improvement programs gives you a platform for smart operations now and in the future. The knowledge sharing and enhanced workflows enabled by digitalisation are also key to reducing the environmental impact of offshore exploration and production, contributing to a more sustainable energy industry.

With national and international regulations now placing even more emphasis on the technical and environmental safety elements of drilling and production campaigns, it’s clear that the technology used and the level of digitalisation in place can become the difference between winning licences to operate, or going home empty handed. 

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In a fragmented technology landscape, the fully integrated digital oilfield is not quite a reality, but there are countless applications available that can deliver significant operational efficiency gains from wellhead monitoring to e-procurement systems. Due to the sheer number of players in the offshore technology market and the multitude of processes that can be improved, the technology landscape is distributed. But future consolidation could result in more holistic platforms, which is when digitalisation will truly start to deliver its benefits.

Already ahead of the game however, energy and offshore service companies can today choose a single supplier for the vital communication link that intelligent operations and the digital oilfield demand. With SAILOR and Sea Tel VSAT technology, Cobham SATCOM provides a dependable link to all satellite networks globally. While digitalisation continues to be a powerful yet disjointed space, securing your communication equipment from a single trusted partner with a diverse portfolio of technology for all offshore requirements will support sustainability now, and ensure that you are ready for an even more connected future.

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